How to Safely Update Windows XP Drivers

It's important to keep your drivers updated, no matter what version of Windows you use.  Now that most hardware and software is not made specifically for XP, it's more important than ever for you to download and install Windows XP drivers whenever they are available. 

Windows Update and Certified Microsoft Drivers

You can download and install Window Certified Drivers from the Microsoft Download Center.  This should always be the first place you check whenever you need to download drivers for Windows XP.

Select Drivers

You may also wish to check regularly with your hardware manufacturer's website (Intel, RealTek, Toshiba, Tandy, Texas Instruments, etc.)

Windows Update

Update DirectX First

Before you install any new drivers, make sure you computer is running the latest DirectX update

Go to Start > Run > “Dxdiag” > OK. 

Under the System tab, check the DirectX Version and see if it is the latest version. 

Driver Types:

Windows XP Chipset Drivers

Chipset drivers provide functionality for your computer's motherboard.  As you might guess, these are very important.  They improve the stability and performance of your PC.  These are the most important drivers on your Windows system.

Windows XP Video Drivers

Video cards help you to get the most out of your monitor as well as the most out of new games, video, computer animation, etc.  You should check for them periodically to ensure everything runs smoothly with your display.

Select Device(s)

Windows XP Sound Card Drivers

Sound cards help translate digitized sound files into something recognizable by the human ear.  New files, file types, software, and hardware can change how audio works on your system.  That's why it's a good idea to make sure to keep your audio/sound drivers up to date.

Windows XP Network Drivers

Your computer's network interface card is what allows it to communicate over a network, from the Internet to your private local office LAN.  If you want to make sure that your computer can communicate freely via the most advanced and efficient means available, make sure you always have the latest Windows XP network drivers.

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