Simple Steps to Updating Toshiba Drivers

Toshiba drivers are necessary for all your Toshiba hardware products to function.  If the driver for a device is missing, corrupt, or out of date, you should find and install a new one or an update.  This page will show you how.

Keep in mind you should only download Toshiba drivers from the company website.  "Free software download" sites are unreliable and often contain malicious software such as viruses and spyware products.

First, Check the Windows Device Manager

The Windows Device Manager will help you diagnose your hardware problem.  You can find it by going to the Windows Control Panel.  It may be listed on its own, or you may have to double-click on "System" and then select the "Hardware" tab.

If you see a question mark, exclamation point, or yellow triangle next to your Toshiba device, you probably need a new driver.  In addition, this is a great place to note the make and model of your hardware.
(If your hardware isn't listed, this may be because of missing driver software.)

Yellow Question Mark

How to Download Toshiba Drivers from the Company Website

Go to Toshiba's website at  Then select your product, as shown below.

Select Device

You will be sent to the following screen.  Click on "Support".

Tech Support

This will send you to the Support page.  Once here, you should click on "Downloads". Now, click the "Downloads" link.

Click Download

You will then need to select the category, family, and model of your Toshiba device from the three drop down menus.

Select Model

You should see a screen like the below screen where you can choose your driver download.  You can use the dropdown menus above the download list to make your search easier.

Select OS

If you are still unsure which download to choose, click on the most recent.  You will see a "lightbox" such as the one below:

Download Now

Then click "Download now" and save the file.

Save File

How to Install Your Toshiba Driver

Once you have saved the file, double-click it in order to run it.  An installer will open up.  Agree to any license or terms of service agreements and follow the instructions.

Once you are done, you will need to restart your computer in order to activate your new Toshiba driver.

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