Simple Steps to Updating Lenovo Drivers

If your Lenovo hardware isn't working, it could be in need of a new or updated Lenovo driver.  This page will show you how to find, download, and install this driver at no cost to you.

What's a driver?  It is a piece of software that allows your hardware device to "talk to" other hardware devices and software.  Without it, your hardware is virtually useless.  Drivers can become outdated when you update other software or hardware.  You may also need to install one if you bought your hardware secondhand.

How to Check Your Lenovo Hardware in the Windows Device Manager

You can use the Windows Device Manager to find which hardware is not functioning properly.  Depending on what kind of Windows you're running, you can find the Device Manager directly in the Control Panel, or by clicking on "System" in Control Panel, selecting the "Hardware" tab, and clicking the "Device Manager" button.

The Device Manager will show a list of your hardware.  If you see a question mark, exclamation point, or yellow triangle next to a hardware device listing, you probably need a new driver for it.

Yellow Exclamation Point

How to Navigate the Lenovo Website

Find the Lenovo website at

Select your country or geographical region.  Our example uses United States as the country.

United States

Click on "Downloads & Drivers" in the Support box at the bottom of the page.

Download and Drivers

Once you are on the Downloads and Drivers page, you will need to select the Brand, Family, Type, and Model of your device (you can find this in the Device Manager).  You will also need to select your operating system (Windows XP, Mac OS X, etc.).  You can get away with "Brand" and "Family" if you don't know the rest.  Our example uses "Notebooks and Handhelds" as the brand, and "ThinkPad A22p" as the family.

Select Brand

Click "Continue" to go to the download search page.  If necessary, use the dropdown menu next to "Refine Results".

Click On Device

Once you've found the most appropriate driver, click it.  If you see more than one appropriate-looking result, select the most recent.

Select Driver

The next page will list information about your driver or hardware device.  Look at this information to be sure the driver will fit with your hardware.  Then, click the blue link to download the driver.

How to Install Your Lenovo Driver or Update

Double-click on your new file to open the installer.  Use the default settings provided.  When you are done, you will need to restart your computer in order to activate your Lenovo download.

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