How to Find, Download, and Install Asus Drivers and Driver Updates

If you need to find Asus drivers or driver updates, you have come to the right place.  This page will teach you how to find, download, and install this software at no cost to you.

Wondering just what a driver is?  It is a small software program that allows your hardware to "talk" to your other computer hardware, software, and operating system.  When it becomes damaged or outdated, or if it fails to install, then your hardware will malfunction or become useless.

How to Check for Hardware Driver Problems using Device Manager

The Windows Device Manager is an important tool in diagnosing hardware and driver-related problems.  Usually you can find this by going to Control Panel, clicking on "System," and then clicking on "Hardware".  With Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can also just use the search bar in the start menu.

Device Manager will let you look through your different types of hardware and check where any problems are.  If you see a yellow triangle, an exclamation point, or a question mark next to a device, then you have a problem.

Device Manager

How to Find the Right Driver Download on the Asus Website

Now it's time to visit the Asus website.  Once you go to, you will need to select your geographical region.  Our example uses the United Sates as the geographical region.

Go to the top of the page and move the mouse cursor over "Services."  This will create a dropdown menu. Go down this dropdown menu and click on "Support". 

Click Support

You will then see the page below.  Click the text in the "Download" box.

Click Download

You will then be shown three dropdown menus.  You will need to select your product type, series, and model from the menus.  If you're not sure what goes here, you can check your device manager or product packaging for details.

For our example, we selected the ASUS Innovations graphics card from the NVIDIA series.

Select Device

From here, you can select your driver from a list of drivers.  If you are not sure which to pick, it's usually safest to go with the most recent driver update.

You can download your driver by clicking on "Download (DLM)" or "Global".  You will have to enter a series of letters and numbers to prove that you are not a piece of automated software...then the download will begin.

Enter Captcha

How to Install Asus Driver Updates and Driver

If you are given the option to save the driver to your computer, save it to the desktop or other easy-to-find-and-remember place.  Then you will need to double-click it to start the installation.

If possible, close down all other programs before you install or update your driver software.  You should run a "standard installation" when you install your new driver.  Once you are done, simply restart your computer.

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