Simple Steps to Updating Bluetooth Drivers

Although Bluetooth is actually considered wireless communication protocol, it requires drivers just like standard hardware. Here, we'll go over the basics on how you can find necessary Bluetooth drivers.

How does Bluetooth Work?

The developers at Bluetooth really filled a niche when they concocted this device. Bluetooth was meant to facilitate wireless communication between people in areas where the bandwidth isn't very strong. So, Bluetooth doesn't utilize the standard wireless protocols, such as LAN or WLAN. Instead, it uses its own protocol, which is appropriately named Bluetooth.

As a result, Bluetooth users don't have to deal with instances of low or congested bandwidth. If a WLAN network is overloaded, Bluetooth users aren't affected because they're on a different protocol.

A vast array of public and private sectors employ the Bluetooth technology to improve their wireless communication. Many industries, both public and private, are linked into the Bluetooth network due to its strength and speed.

A Multitude of Bluetooth Manufacturers

There's not a company called Bluetooth that manufactures every single Bluetooth product. Bluetooth isn't a brand name, it's a type of wireless protocol. There are thousands of companies that have developed Bluetooth product licensing. These companies are all unified in creating umbrella licenses for Bluetooth technology.

Due to the great variety within the Bluetooth marketplace, it might seem difficult to locate Bluetooth drivers. However, the majority of Microsoft operating systems and Service Packs contain necessary Bluetooth driver updates.  Windows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 2, and Windows Vista are all “Bluetooth enabled.”

Bluetooth adapters generally come with the most recently manufactured laptops and desktops. These devices require updated drivers to function properly. So, you do need to identify the brand or company that is the manufacturer for your Bluetooth device. Look on the casing of the device to locate the name of the manufacturer.

Identifying your Bluetooth Device in the Control Panel

It's possible that you bought a computer that's got a built-in adapter, or maybe you're unable to identify the device manufacturer. If this is the case, all you have to do is open Windows Control Panel and locate the “Bluetooth Device” icon.

Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel

If your device is external or your OS is having problems reading your device, then you should open up “Device Manager”, which is also found within the Control Panel.

Downloading and Installing Bluetooth Drivers

Always confirm that any external device is connected to your computer before you visit the hardware manufacturer's website. Most of the time, you should navigate over to the “Support” or “Downloads” section of the website. This is where you can locate the majority of downloadable drivers. Here, we'll utilize the Plantronics site as a good example.

Download Bluetooth Drivers

Open the support page, and then click on the “Downloads” link. In this case, you'll want to click on “Software Downloads.”

Bluetooth Support Page

Compare the device specifications to your computer, and be sure that you've found the right driver before you start downloading. Once you've located the correct driver, download it by double-clicking the link. Click “Save” when you are prompted to either run or save the software.

Bluetooth Specifications

An installation or setup wizard will automatically start after you've downloaded the driver. If you see an “I Agree” or “Next” button, click on these so that you can complete installation.

Bluetooth Installation Wizard

Follow all instructions in the configuration wizard. The configuration wizard will probably only open if you're installing new drivers or new software.

Now that you've downloaded and installed your new Bluetooth driver, you should be Bluetooth-enabled! Now you can take advantage of the efficient and powerful network known as Bluetooth.

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