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When Your Smartphone Gives You Trouble: USB Device Not Recognized

Sometimes you get a “USB device not recognized” message when you try to plug in your smartphone. This can happen when you plug in an iPhone or Droid. However, it might also happen when you try to plug in any USB-related device such as your Samsung tablet or your Nvidia hardware.

No matter what device you try to run, several causes could contribute to this problem. You can’t access your device until you take time to fix this issue. Therefore, you should take time to figure out why this happened to you.

When Outdated Audio Drivers are the Problem

Audio drivers need to be updated often. However, you may not be aware that this is the problem. When you schedule regular driver updates, chances are your computer will recognize your smartphone or other USB device.

Updating Drivers in Windows 7

USB Device Not Recognized by Windows

You may get the “USB device not recognized” message when plugging your smartphone into your Windows PC. Usually this is because you need to have the software on your phone also installed on your computer. If it’s not, you will need to add it.

Updating Motorola USB Drivers

If you get the USB device not recognized message, use these troubleshooting steps:

  • Update the software for your device. Do this now if you haven’t done so already. You can look on your phone to find out if it has received all the necessary new drivers used to run it. Just look to see where your software updates normally happen. If you are using a camera or other device that is Wi-Fi enabled, also update it from the equipment directly.
  • Plug your the smartphone into a different computer. Take the same USB end you normally use for your phone and plug it into someone else’s computer. If it works in that machine, you could have a driver problem.
  • Try a similar model of phone or tablet on your machine. For instance, maybe you own an iPhone as well as an iPad. Plug the tablet into your computer and see if it reads it. If it does, then you narrowed down the problem even further. Now you know it has to do with your phone or your computer, but that your USB slots on your PC are working fine.
  • Try plugging in a different USB cable. Try using a new or different cord for whatever is causing the USB not recognized error. For instance, maybe you just purchased a replacement charger of a different brand but it was made for your phone. (For example, you can purchase Belkin chargers for iPhones.)
  • Test other devices and hardware. You can try out your flash drive, camera, external back-up drive, or modem. Plug devices using the same type of USB connector as your phone into the same slot you would use to connect your phone to your PC. If those work, that’s another indicator that your ports where you plug devices in are perfectly fine.
  • Run driver update software. Make sure you can trust the program you use, though. Ideally, it should be able to scan your machine within a few minutes. Then, it will search a database of thousands of files to find you the right drivers. This may very well even be the answer to fixing your USB not recognized by Windows.

Hopefully, these measures get your smart phone connecting to your PC through USB right away!

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