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When You Get A “USB Device Not Recognized” Message On Your Windows 8 Computer

It you see a “USB device not recognized” message, don’t worry too much about it until you tried everything you could to fix the problem. There are ways to deal with this and still use your camera or other device. It just takes at least a small amount of persistence, but you can address this rather common error.

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Frequently Asked Question: Why Does it Say “USB Device Not Recognized” When I Try to Plug In My Camera?

If you see the message “USB device not recognized,” it could be a camera or it could have been some other device. Whatever it is you are trying to plug in may just not be compatible for Windows 8—at least not yet. You might have some software updating to do before you can use it. For instance, if you are trying to plug your camera into a Toshiba, you will need the Windows 8 Toshiba drivers for it.

Other “USB Device Not Recognized” F.A.Q.s

Along with wondering why you are receiving this message every time you plug in your device, you may have other questions. The answers you see below might affect you in some way.

  • Did I buy the wrong device for my computer? Although some cameras may not be compatible for Windows 8, that may not be the case. Perhaps after you update your software this “USB device not recognize” error will disappear.
  • How do I know if I just bought the wrong camera or if I need an update? The easiest way to find out is to just try to update your computer via the Windows Update tool or by way of a third-party driver update software. You might also want to take a moment to review the “system requirements” listed in the device manual or on the camera packaging.

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  • How long does getting rid of this USB error message usually take? If you know how to update your Toshiba drivers on your Windows 8 machine it should not take long–usually less than five minutes unless you have another unknown problem.
  • Will restarting my computer help? It might in some cases. In fact, this may be the first step you want to take before trying anything else.

Locating Toshiba Drivers for Your Camera (Or Other Device)

If you don’t yet have a driver update program installed on your PC and you have had no success using the Windows Update tool, then go to the manufacturer site. You might be able to find Toshiba drivers for your device on either the place where the drivers for your computer are located. Alternatively, you might be able to locate them on the camera manufacturer’s site.

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Generally, these are the steps for finding and installing Toshiba drivers from a manufacturer site:

  • Click on or type in the name and/or model number of your device.
  • Select your current operating system (in this case Windows 8).
  • Select the specific driver that you need for your camera or other hardware.
  • Download it, install it, and then restart your computer.

Additional Toshiba Drivers Help

Aside from the above ways to update Toshiba drivers, you also have the option of removing the “USB device not recognized” message using automated software. It usually takes all of less than five minutes to download, set up, and run the driver update program. After this, your camera or other hardware will most likely work just fine.

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