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Dealing With Windows 8 Problems When Updating Realtek Drivers

When trying to update your Realtek drivers, you may have quite a few questions regarding this matter. Like many other people, one of your main concerns may be regarding how to resolve Windows 8 problems while attempting to use Realtek high definition audio equipment. The good news is, you have more than one solution to use to solve this problem.

A Short List of Tips About Realtek Driver Upgrades for New Windows 8 Users

Two major factors concerning installing Realtek drivers on your new Windows 8 machine are authenticity and efficiency. You don’t want to download a malicious file by mistake and you want to do this in the fastest way possible.

Here are some ways to make sure you are installing the right video and hardware drivers:

  • Go to the manufacturer site for verification. If you have found some software updates for you video cards but are not sure if they are right, you are strongly advised to go to the manufacturer site to verify the validity of them. The same is true for audio drivers and for software required for any PC equipment you own. At the site, you can select the model number, year, and/or name of your device and then follow the steps to download and install it.

DriverBoost - Realtek Site

  • Try the Windows Update tool. You can access this the fastest by swiping with your finger or mouse from the right hand side of your Windows 8 computer. Then, type “Windows Update” after you tap or click on the “search” icon when the charms menu appears. Then, click on “settings” and click or tap on “install optional updates.” After that, you can follow through with the process of selecting “recommended updates” or “important updates. “ As long as your version of Windows 8 is authentic, usually this method will help verify that the drivers you seek are current and compatible.

 DriverBoost - Win8 Update

  • Find upgrades via the device manager. Most of the time the Realtek drivers you need are upgraded automatically. However, if you want to be absolutely sure you are installing the right ones for your audio and video equipment, it would be a good idea to try this approach. Just go to the Control Panel after searching for it from the charms menu like you would try to find anything else on your PC. After you have found the Device Manager and opened it, then click on the “>” icon. This opens the category of the device you want to update, and this should lead you to the files you need. You may need to browse several categories before you find the one you need, then follow through using the prompts shown you as you walk through the Update Driver Software Wizard.

DriverBoost - Win8 Device Manager


  • Use automated update software. When you install trusted third-party software onto your computer, it helps you scan your computer for missing Realtek drivers. In fact, it can very quickly help you install just about any driver you need. It does this while scanning identifies any corrupt or non-existent files required to run your hardware. Then, you are given the option to confirm whether you want them downloaded and installed on your machine. If you are not sure of the source of the files that are recommended for your computer, you can always visit the manufacturer site.

More Guidance for Resolving Windows 8 Problems With Realtek Drivers

Windows 8 does not always force your computer to restart, but it depends on the brand of computer you own as well as many other factors. You are advised to restart your machine to make sure the Realtek drivers take into effect after you have installed them.

Additional Issues with Realtek Drivers

Depending which method you use to install new Realtek drivers, you might run into a variety of Windows 8 problems when installing. For instance, you may notice a prompt that says “Windows cannot verify that the driver is compatible.” If this happens, you might want to do a little bit of research to make sure. Otherwise, you can indicate “yes” if you are sure you can trust the file you are about to download.

A similar message may appear that says, “Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software.” Again, you can either choose “yes” if you are sure it is legitimate or do some digging for further information to find out for sure before you download what you assume is current Realtek drivers.

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