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How To Use System Restore After You Update Your Nvidia Drivers

In a previous article you read about Nvidia drivers, you were told the importance of creating a computer backup. You need an extra copy of your computer disk, even if you use System Restore to revert to a different day when your PC was working just fine.

Now you will receive a brief lesson on how to use System Restore. All Windows PCs have this installed. You can also use a third-party driver update software that connects you quickly to this program.

When Computer Is Running Slow: Using System Restore From Your Control Panel

Whether or not you use Windows XP, 7, or 8, your computer has a Control Panel (CP). On it you find all the tools you need to keep your PC running right. If you don’t know exactly where to find the “System Restore” tool look for it using your desktop search bar or by searching your Control Panel. Your CP search results will return items such as “restore system files and settings from a restore point,” “create a restore point,” or “restore your computer or reinstall windows.”

 Control Panel

When accessing System Restore from your Control Panel use these steps:

  • Click on (or tap in Windows 8) the appropriate “System Restore” search result link. For instance, if you want to restore your computer to an earlier time when it worked just fine. In this case, you would select ““restore system files and settings from a restore point” or “restore your computer or reinstall windows.” You will be given instructions as to what to do next. Keep in mind that the wording of the instructions will be different depending on what version of Windows you have. However, the end result is the same-to get your computer back to the way it was when it was performing correctly.

Looking for Restore Files

  • Choose action, such as restoring to an earlier date and time. When you follow through with the System Restore prompts, it shows you available dates and times. These are times when Windows automatically backed up all your computer settings and files without you doing anything to make it happen. You might also see restore points on this list if you had created any yourself.
  • Restart your computer. You will need to take this final step especially if you accessed a System Restore point in Safe Mode. Keep in mind, when in Safe Mode using System Restore you may not be able to undo it later. However, operating in this alternate state could prevent worse PC problems

After Updating Nvidia Drivers: Using System Restore from a Driver Update Program

The instructions vary depending on what software you use to update your video cards when your computer is running slow. If this program supports System Restore, you just go to the page where you can access this tool. Then, this same software you use to update your Nvidia drivers guides you through the process of restoring your PC. 

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