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Beyond Updating ATI Radeon Drivers: How To Make Your Windows 8 PC Run Faster

You might still be trying to get used to Windows 8 and are wondering what else needs to be done besides updating your ATI Radeon drivers. After all, maybe at least half of the people you know still own a Windows 7 PC and it’s just all so new to everyone yet.

You have plenty of options open to you to help you speed up your slow computer. If you have an automated driver update software, that would be the fastest way to do it. However, you can also try other methods.

How to Update ATI Radeon Drivers and Clean Up Your PC The “Old School Way”

If you want to update your ATI Radeon drivers, you could just go to the manufacturer site and seek out the one that is appropriate for your PC and operating system. In doing so, you also usually need to select the video card drive you are planning to upgrade.

Driver Boost - AMD's website

Other methods of improving your slow computer are shown below:

  • Uninstall programs you don’t want or need. This helps no matter how new your PC is and no matter how much hard drive space you have. You can do this from the “Add or Remove Programs” menu on your computer accessible from your “Control Panel.” The easiest way to access this menu is to swipe or drag from the right hand of your screen, click on the “search” icon, then type in “control panel,” and then click on “Programs” or “Uninstall a Program” much like you would do in Windows 7.
  • Shut down your computer, then restart. If you shut it down completely, Windows will be updated while it is in “Shut Down” mode. After all the updates are completed, you can then turn it back on. It may take just a few minutes, but it could take 30 minutes or more if your computer has not been scheduled to update and/or not connected to the Internet for awhile.
  • Use the disk optimization tool (formerly known as “defrag”). This is found in your computer control panel or you can go to your program and documents folders and delete them. The easiest way to locate the disk optimization tool is to swipe with your finger to the left from your right hand of the screen or drag in the same direction with your mouse.

When you do, the charms menu appears, including a search icon. Click on “Search” and then type in “optimize drives,” and then click on “Settings,” and “Defragment and Optimized Drives” will appear. You click on this and follow the steps to optimize or analyze when the prompt shows up.

Another Tip Besides Cleaning Up Your Hard Drive and Updating your ATI Radeon Drivers

Optimizing your hard drive and removing files you no longer need does wonders for speeding up your slow computer. The same is true when you update your ATI Radeon drivers as well as any other hardware drivers.

DriverBoost - Win8 Defrag

However, you also might want to reduce your color depth to 24M colors. This will help speed up the time it takes to reboot your PC and it also can help your screen refresh faster. This is the lowest intensity you can go with your colors and still have them appear presentable on the screen. You may not want to do this if you are a professional photographer or web designer, though—just a word of caution.

One More Way to Update ATI Radeon Drivers and Speed Up your Slow Computer

Using an automated driver update program helps you install new video card drivers fast. All you need to do is install the software you would use to scan your computer.

Then, when the prompt asks you if you want to install the updates, confirm that you want them. After they are automatically installed, restart your computer.  It should work like new after you take time to update ATI Radeon drivers as well as the software for your headsets, microphones, etc.

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