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Before you Use System Restore To Update NVidia Drivers: Back Up Your PC

Before you use Windows System Restore to update NVidia drivers, you should back up your PC. This will come in handy if you lose some files when learning how to update video card drives.

Wait Until After You to Update NVidia Drivers to Restore PC

You may not want to try System Restore just yet. First you might want to try to update your NVidia drivers the way your computer is now. As long as you know you have taken time to get rid of viruses, malware, adware, and browser cookies you should then update your video card drivers.

How to Update Video Card Drives

Updating your NVidia drivers usually is very easy. All you need to do is go to the manufacturer’s site, look up your NVidia device number, and choose the appropriate files. Then, download them.

Nvidia Drivers

If you don’t want to have to visit the NVidia manufacturer’s site, you can use this driver update method:

  • Download and install a useful and safe driver update program. All you need to do is click on “download” and then click on that downloaded file to run it. You will be taken through an installation wizard. It tells you exactly what to do as you go through each prompt. Make sure you use software that has been verified and tested as safe.
  • Click on the software “scan” button. Your program of choice might stay “Start Scan” or something slightly different. If it’s not totally obvious where you should click to run the program so you can scan your computer, you may need a more user-friendly program.
  • Wait for the driver update program to finish scanning your PC. It will search for missing or outdated NVidia drivers as well as for other necessary PC updates. You can work while this software runs in the background, if it’s a good one.
  • Confirm you want it to download and update drivers. As long as you are using legitimate software, you shouldn’t have to worry about selecting the right drivers. It will do it for you. Just allow the program to download the software you need to run your cameras, tablets, smartphones, and more. Usually you have to press “yes” or “okay” to allow this process to start.
  • Restart your computer. This will reset your device so that it works properly once you have your new drivers installed. It helps configure your machine so your NVidia equipment works right.

After Updating NVidia Drivers Back Up your PC

You can do this using any backup program you prefer. Windows backup is just fine, or you can try the Acronis Recovery Manager, or any other program you wish.

Backup and Restore PC
The steps may be slightly different between each type of backup tool you use. However, the general steps for doing so are generally the same.

  1. Open up your backup utility program. Usually you have the option to clone your entire hard disk or you can perform an incremental backup. If you’ve never make an extra copy of what’s on your computer hard drive before, the full backup (disk clone) is recommended. Then, you can do incremental ones periodically, and this is a type of backup that occurs from the last time you made a copy of your hard disk until now.
  2. Set up your backup profile and then wait. Backup profile creation involves customizing your computer backup settings. You can schedule regular automatic backups and decide what drives you want to include in it. For instance, you might want to also include a removal disk in the backup. The only difference each time is the file name, which you should call something to remind you when you created it. You might need it later in case you have serious computer issues.
  3. Check to see if the backup was successful. Look in your backup drive to find out if a file that you just named before creating the backup is there. That would be your saved file that you may need to recover later, such as if your computer ever crashes.

You never know when you need to use System Restore within your driver update program and go back to your old version of your hard drive. Creating an extra copy of your computer’s main hard drive can reduce the amount of repair work you need. It also makes future updates of NVidia drivers easier. 

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