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Why Preventing Screen Freeze is Important

Whether you are working on something important or playing an online game, having your screen freeze or computer crash can ruin everything. It may cause you to lose the game, or lose everything you have been working on. There are simple steps to take in preventing screen freeze.


Did you know that your screen freezing or PC crashing may be your computer trying to tell you something. This frustrating issues can be a sign something is wrong. The best step to take, would be to determine what may be causing these issues, and take steps to prevent future issues.

There are several factors that can contribute to PC issues; including lack of memory, over-working your PC, or perhaps your PC has been contaminated by a hacker or virus. Take these steps to prevent screen freeze:

  1. Avoid using up most or all of your PC’s RAM:

RAM is important to your PC. It allows it to run programs with ease. RAM can be upgraded, so that you can use more. Also using a program, like Boost® Software’s PC HealthBoost®, can help free up RAM space by eliminating unnecessary files.

  1. Avoid running too many programs:

Running more than your PC can handle, may cause issues. A PC with higher RAM and a higher processor, can run more at once. If you are trying to make your PC work harder than it can, it will let you know by crashing. Pay attention to what programs you have running, and close out of what you don’t need urgently.

  1. Keep your PC safe from cyber attacks:

Cyber attacks are all too common these days. It is easier to prevent them, than to remove them later. There are multiple anti-virus programs out there that can help protect your PC. Do your online research to find the best program for you and your PC.

  1. Update your drivers regularly:

If you are attempting to use a PC or device with an out-0f-date driver, your PC may freeze or crash. It is important to keep your drivers updated to keep things flowing smoothly. To save time updating drivers, you can use a helpful driver update software, like DriverBoost®. DriverBoost will scan for drivers that need updates and update them for you. This scan covers your PC, and connected devices.

  1. Keep your registry clean:

Over time, your registry may become over run with unnecessary files.  It is important to remove these files to keep your PC running smoothly. Removing these files can help keep your Pc running error-free. A program, like PC HealthBoost, can scan your PC for unnecessary files, and help remove them.

Following these steps can help you to avoid the aforementioned issues. For more on the programs mentioned above, check out DriverBoost and PC HealthBoost. These programs can help prevent screen freeze and computer crashes.

DriverBoost is user-friendly, and can help keep your PC running smooth. This program is ideal for keeping your driver updated. DriverBoost was designed to save its users time and hassle. You can find more information on driver updates on the DriverBoost Blog.

DriverBoost and PC HealthBoost are trademarks of Boost Software, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.


Helpful Tips to Prevent Screen Freeze

Whether you are playing an online game or working on a big report, your PC’s screen freezing can be extremely stressful. It can cause you to lose your spot, end your game, or even lose important data. When your screen freezes, there isn’t much you can do aside from turning off your PC, or is there?


There is no need to suffer through screen freeze after screen freeze.  Finding out what causes your screen to freeze, can help you prevent your screen from freezing. You can prevent screen freeze, by following the tips listed below:

– Don’t make your PC work harder than it can.

Trying to play an MMO game is not going to go over well on a PC with a low processor and lower RAM. Some PCs are made to support online game play, but some are better for surfing the web and storing pictures.

– Check the space on your hard drive.

Another thing that can cause screen freezes, is low memory space. If your hard drive is nearly full, your screen may freeze.

– Do not run too many programs at once.

Running multiple programs at once can take too much out of your PC, and cause the screen to freeze.

– Keep your drivers up to date.

Your PC’s drivers may be out of date, causing screen freeze issues. To prevent this you could try DriverBoost, an automatic driver-update program. DriverBoost does the updating for you, safely and easily. This could save you time and hassle.

– Avoid online viruses. 

Keep your PC safe with a good anti-virus software. Anti-virus software can help keep your PC safe from outside attacks. If you go online unprotected, your PC could be contaminated with viruses. These viruses can corrupt your PC’s files and hard drive. This corruption could cause your screen to freeze.

There is no need to live in fear of your screen freezing. By implementing the tips listed, you can prevent future screen freezes. This will help keep your PC and programs running smooth.

To learn more about DriverBoost, and how it can update your drivers automatically; check out their website. You can try DriverBoost for free to see if it is right for you and your PC. You can also find more helpful tips like these on the DriverBoost Blog, so be sure to check back regularly.

Why Updating Your PC’s Drivers is Important – Infographic

1017 - Updating PC Driver 2

 Why Updating Your PC’s Drivers is Important

Seamless Integrations – 

Help devices communicate with operating system.

Customize Performance

Enhance experience with video cards and drivers by updating them.

Good Preemptive Measure – 

Ensures smooth operation.

Upgrades Your System – 

Introduces new features

“Kills 2 Birds with 1 Stone” – 

Catching the issue before it spreads by staying on top of necessary updates.

Removes and Prevents System Drags – 

Outdated drivers can drag the system and slow it down.

Maintains System Stability

Effective communication with the OS prevents interruption in performance.

 Why Purchase a Driver Update Software Program?

  • To find all updates quickly.

Driver Update Software, like Boost® Software’s DriverBoost Pro, finds updates by comparing driver files in the PC’s library.

  • To save time and sanity.

The driver update software can search your entire system within minutes.

  • To back-up and restore.

If a new driver update does not work correctly, driver update software allows you to revert back to a previous file by using restore points.

  • For automatic scans.

The driver update software allows you to set regular schedules to automatically update your PC.

  • To clean up your software.

Some driver update software will find drivers that are no longer needed, and will remove them safely.

  • To securely download new files.

Manually searching for updated drivers may not be possible. The software will scan the files prior to downloading them, to ensure safety.

For more on DriverBoost and how it can benefit you, check out the DriverBoost Pro website. If you are looking to update your drivers now or in the future, DriverBoost can help you update them automatically. This saves time and hassle. 

 DriverBoost Pro is a trademark of Boost Software, Inc. in the United States and other countries.  Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

How to Choose the Perfect Anti-Virus Software- Infographic

The world wide web is packed full of threats. No matter how careful you are online, chances are you will run into some sort of an online threat. Threats like viruses can steal your information, destroy your PC’s hard drive, or even take control of your PC. They are virtually impossible to avoid, and an anti-virus software is your best chance to keep your PC safe.

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

There are many different anti-virus programs out there. How do you find the right one? Do you choose free or a premium AV software? What would work best with your PC? All questions you should ask yourself before shopping for AV software. Here are some steps to take to choose the perfect anti-virus software for you and your PC.

1. Determine Your Needs

Think about what you use your PC for. Is it for work, gaming, or just leisurely surfing the web? Different activities may need different anti-virus software.

2. Check Your OS

Your PC’s operating system will come into play when finding the AV software that is right for you. When reviewing the different programs, you will need to make sure it is compatible with your current OS. Also take in to consideration whether you plan on upgrading your OS in the near future.

3. Positive Reviews

When checking into different AV programs, be sure to check their reviews. Look on different store sites or even tech blogs for opinions on the software programs you  are considering.

4. Savings

It is a good idea to check the social media pages of the AV software you are looking into. Occasionally companies will post money-saving deals on their Facebook page. You can also check for other information, such as free trials and various promotions.

5. Paid vs Free

There are both free and paid versions of AV software. It is important to consider step one, before deciding on a free or premium version of the software. Knowing what level of coverage is important when making this decision. Look at the AV’s website and compare features of the free and paid versions. There are important things to consider, such as, often times paid versions have customer support. While free versions may lack the support the premium version offers.

6. Get a Recommendation

Talk to your friends, family, and even co-workers about what they use for their anti-virus needs. Chances are you will come across some sound advice, or at least some information to help you make a decision.

7.   Check System Requirements

Like all programs, anti-virus software needs a certain amount of space to be added to your PC. The program will also have additional requirements such as processor speed. The software may also require a specific browser to be used. These are all things to look into before considering an AV software.

8. Compare 

Compare the anti-virus software you have narrowed it down to. Take into consideration all of the information you collected following the steps listed above.

9. Choose and Enjoy

Once you have made your decision, install your program of choice. Follow the installation steps, and enjoy the anti-virus protection.


DriverBoost Infographic


If a virus has, at any time, found its way onto your PC, your drivers may be corrupted. DriverBoost is a user-friendly tool that helps with driver updates. Updating drivers regularly is important for PC users; DriverBoost speeds up this process for you. You can find more on DriverBoost and what it can do for you on their website. Check back to the DriverBoost Blog often for more helpful information like this.