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How to Update Open GL Drivers Automatically and Safely

Open Gl Drivers -- Don't Leave Home Without Them!

You can manually update Open GL drivers. However, using a safe, automated software reduces the hassle. Don’t do it yourself if you don’t have to!

In order to render graphics properly, designers need to update their Open GL Drivers. Doing so automatically will help them obtain what they need fast. When they do, all creative projects progress more smoothly and the quality of each character improves. They can more easily see what their created models look like when the model creation program loads properly.

Issues With Outdated Drivers In General

In Open GL, problems might occur during the character creation process when using outdated or corrupt drivers. The color display might not appear as vivid when later playing an animated script using the character. When the creator takes the finished object and places it in a finished production, the video screen could freeze.

Any program related to object creation for animation purposes might not work well. For instance, perhaps the creator of a character wants to add motion to the face, mouth, eyes and body but the program won’t run. Certain programs used to make graphics productions might even abruptly close when a person tries to use them.

In the worst cases, computer crash or a Blue Screen of Death Windows STOP error might occur. However, these extreme situations often result from insufficient memory while operating too many programs at once — which can inconvenience a serious graphic artist who has a tight deadline.

Safety Issues Concerning Open GL Drivers

Computer users can locate current Open GL drivers by just searching for them in Google. However, experts advise animation developers not to download these software updates from random websites. Otherwise, this could leave a computer user vulnerable to malicious attack.

At the very least, graphic artist downloading updated software from the wrong sources might end up with deals, coupons, toolbars, alerts and other unwanted installations. In the worst-case scenario their screen will freeze and possible equipment crash could occur.

Downloading files from an untrusted or unverified source also could slow down a computer even if no virus infects it. The wrong so-called Open GL drivers also might have files missing in them when obtaining the .zip file from the web. This usually leads to incomplete or incorrect installations, because users need all the components within the authentic .zip download — not just most of them.

PC users would find better support at websites that sell popular graphics drives, such as the ones sold by Nvidia, AMD, or Realtek. However, designers might struggle with obtaining correct Open GL drivers for the graphics card model they have installed on their computers. This process sometimes takes up too much time. Therefore, designers might need a less time-consuming way to obtain graphics updates.

How To Use Automated Driver Update Software Correctly

 Anyone requesting drivers automatically needs to do so carefully. A safe program with an extensive database provides the most benefit to graphic designers. Click here to find the fastest way to obtain Open GL drivers.

ATI Radeon Video Card Drivers Need Updates To Improve Game Play

Owning one of the most sophisticated graphics cards (i.e. one created by AMD) won’t help if you don’t know how to update your equipment. If you want to improve game play, take care of your computer and update your ATI Radeon video card drivers. Otherwise, playing the latest expansion of your favorite role-playing game becomes difficult.

A Short Troubleshooting Guide for Gamers

After you installed your game, try to run it. If your screen freezes, your computer runs slow or your game closes on you. Therefore, you need to make sure your video card drive works. This requires several simple steps.

If you have Windows 7, search for “Device Manager” from your Start menu, then follow these steps: 

      • Click on the “Device Manager” search result.
      • Double-click on “Display Adapters.”
      • Double-Click on your sound card if you see one listed. For example, hit “AMD Radeon HD 7000” if that’s the model you have installed.
      • View the “General” tab. It usually says “this device is working properly” if it is indeed functioning ask expected.
      • Hit the “Driver Details” button. This shows you further information about your video card drive.
      • Click on “Update Driver.” When the next prompt appears, choose whether or not you want your computer to search for new drivers automatically or to browse your computer.
      • Follow additional steps for obtaining files. This will assist you in locating what you need to run your new video card drive properly. 

If you use Windows 8, search for “control panel” and then click on “device manager,then follow these steps: 

        • Hit “hardware and sound” with your finger or mouse.
        • Click or tap “Device Manager.” You can find it under the “Devices and Printers” heading towards the top of the page.
        • Touch “Display Adapters” with a finger or your mouse.
        •  Click or tap on your sound card to view.
        • Select your sound card to view, if you see it. For instance, if you see the “AMD Radeon HD 8000″ sound card installed, it will appear on your “Display Adapters” list. Hit this selection to open up the properties for it.
        • Select the “general” tab. If your ATI Radeon video card is installed properly, it should say “the device is working properly.”
        • Click or tap on “update driver.” If you use your device manager to do this, you’ll be given a choice to find them online or to search for them on your PC. If you have an ATI Radeon (AMD Radeon) product disk, you can alsouse that. However, you more than like will have to obtain what you need for more recent graphics cards online.
        • Wait for confirmation of downloaded updates. Allow your PC to download them and then install them. If you don’t get a confirmation, you might have to try an alternative solution for updating your ATI Radeon video card drivers.  

An Alternative Way to Troubleshoot ATI Radeon Drivers

You also have the option of using automated software to install updates for your gaming video card. The right software will scan your computer for missing ATI files and then locates them online. Finding the right files takes only a few minutes, and the time it takes to download and install your ATI Radeon video card drivers with this program varies. Visit here to learn more how to fix this problem quickly. 

How to Update Video Drivers Using Your Device Manager

Use Device Manger to Update your Video Card Drivers-- Windows 7

Don’t panic until you know you’ve checked and updated your video card drivers as well as your speakers, microphones, and headsets.

Learning how to update video drivers helps you enjoy uninterrupted game playing and movie watching. You also might want to find out if your graphics card is functioning properly. Then, check for new updates. Just like for testing audio drivers, you can use the device manager for this task as well as for checking your graphics (video) card.

How to Update Video Drivers on Windows 7

Before updating your equipment software, steps to quickly complete check the status of them.

  • Type “Device Manager” into your Start menu search bar.
  • Click on the “Device Manager” search result. A box will appear, and it shows a list of all the hardware installed on your PC.
  • Double-click on “Display Adapters” to show your video card. For instance, you might notice an “AMD Radeon HD 8800M” or a “Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN” listed. Hit it quickly two times with your mouse. Another dialogue box with tabs will appear.
  • View the “General” tab. If your video card is installed and working right, you’ll see “this device is working properly” in the “Device Status” information box.
  • Check out the “Driver Details” tab if you want. You can find more facts about your video card here.
  • Click the “Update Driver” button. When you do, options will appear to help you obtain your video drivers online or offline. 

How to Update Video Drivers On Windows 8 

The Windows 8 steps also allow you to check if your video card is working properly. You can go through the instructions shown to obtain the latest updates.

  • Search for “Control Panel” from your Apps bar, and click on it. Clicking or tapping on “Control Panel” opens up the CP menu for you to view.
  • Hit “hardware or sound” with a finger or with your mouse. You can find it on the left side of the Control Panel screen towards the middle of the page (second from the bottom listing above “Programs” on most CP screens).
  • Look for “Device Manager” and tap on it. You can find it under the heading entitled “Devices and Printers.” You’ll see it toward the top of the page.
  • Use your finger or mouse to touch “Display Adapters.”
  • Select your model of sound card listed. For example, you might see “AMD Radeon HD 8500 M” or “Nvidia GeForce GTX 780” shown. A small box with tabs will appear.
  • See if it’s working properly. You can view the “general” tab of this dialogue box. If you want to know if your video card works, just view what it says in the “Device Status” box. It should say “device is working properly.”
  • Check for updates. Click or tap on “update driver” to obtain new information to help you run your advanced video card. 

An Alternative Method for Updating Video Drivers

Sometimes, you might feel frustrated by how long it takes to update video drivers. You don’t have to spend hours doing this, and you can find the latest files without paying for updates. 

However, be careful in the process. You need to obtain necessary components to run your card drives, but you need to verify the publisher of the updates you install. 

Using the right automated software to update video drivers usually helps. Visit this page to learn how to scan your computer and locate drivers you can download immediately.





Tsstcorp Drivers Update Frequently Asked Questions

update tsstcorp drivers

Update your Tsstcorp drivers, or find what you need for other brand of PC equipment to make your all your video, audio and desktop hardware work.

You don’t have to update Tsstcorp drivers automatically, but it helps you find them faster. Before you begin this process, you might have some questions about drivers in general.

What are Tsstcorp drivers?

These components provide the communication between your PC and all the devices you have plugged into it. You need them for your printer, sound or video cards, webcam, mouse, keyboard, and other USB devices. You also need them for your speakers, headset, or microphone.

What happens if I don’t have Tsstcorp drivers?

Your screen may freeze when you try to play a video, or you won’t hear any sound. In the worst-case scenario, you will receive a Blue Screen of Death Windows STOP error, which is very serious. However, the most common problem occurring when you don’t have Tsstcorp drivers is that your computer will not recognize your USB device.

You also might notice these issues when you don’t keep your equipment up to date:

  • Your documents won’t print.
  • You won’t hear someone on the other end of an Internet phone call.
  • Your computer runs slower than it used to in the past.
  • Web pages might not load properly.
  • Video play becomes interrupted.
  • Files you save might get corrupted.
  • Software you commonly use may not run.
  • You might not be able to play a game. 

What’s the safest way to update Tsstcorp drivers?

If you use automatic software to help you obtain what you need to run your equipment, take caution. The program you use should have a good reputation, and it helps if it was rated as safe on trustworthy sites.

Using a program that has as extensive updating database also helps. This allows you to find what you need faster. However, make sure you also download files from authentic sources. Otherwise, you’ll cause worse problems.

How do I know I won’t download a file that gives me a virus?

You can check all potential Tsstcorp downloads with your favorite virus or malware scanner if you want. However, as long as you trust the database from where you obtained the drivers, you will be fine. Just don’t download them from unfamiliar websites — especially if you detect malware when visiting certain pages.

What do I look for in automated driver update software?

For instance, if you’re looking for one that successfully finds and installs Tsstcorp drivers, you should find one that can identify the make and model of your computer. It also helps if the software also detects the devices plugged into it. Furthermore, we recommend that you only the most secure software possible. Moreover, only use one that generates reports you can view after you have scanned your computer to find out what kinds of updates you need.

How long does it take to automatically install Tsstcorp drivers?

Usually it takes a few minutes to scan your computer. Then, locating the drivers also takes only a few minutes. The download time varies from a few minute to over an hour, depending how many updates you need. Most of the time, it takes less than fifteen minutes.

Use this tool to help you locate Tsstcorp drivers fast. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, check your sound and video cards to make sure they work.

How to Update Your Volume Drivers, Sound Card and Equipment


update volume drivers for your speaker, microphone keyboard, etc.

On no! Don’t throw away your speakers! It might be your volume drivers or sound card that need fixing, or you just need updates.

You can easily find out if your volume drivers and devices are functioning properly. If the hardware you use is working, you might have to test your sound card and update your computer.

How to Use Device Manager to Check your Equipment

Using the device manager helps you check the condition of your speakers, microphone, mouse and other devices. It also tells you if your volume drivers are properly installed and whether or not your sound card works. If you need updates, follow the steps for that as well.

For Windows 7 Users — Use this troubleshooting guide to make sure your sound card and hardware work right, and obtain necessary updates:

  • Search for “Device Manager” from your Start Menu search bar. Search results will appear — one of which says “Device Manager.”
  • Click on “Device Manger” when you see this option appear. After you do, a dialogue box opens that shows all the hardware you have installed on your computer.
  • Double-Click on sound, video, and game controllers. You will see listed one or more volume drivers. For instance, it might say “Conexant High Definition Audio” on the list.
  • View the “General” tab. It will say “this device is working properly” if it’s functioning right. You can also view other tabs to learn more about the particular volume drive you have installed on your PC.
  • Go to the “Driver” tab and click on “Update Driver.” Options will appear to help you find the right volume drivers. If you see none, you might need to take an alternative updating action. 

For Windows 8 Users — Use these steps to verify if your sound card and equipment works, then update them: 

Once you enter your Windows 8 Device Manager, checking your volume driver requires similar steps. Just follow below.

  • Perform an app search for “Control Panel,” and click or tap on it. Use your charms menu search tool to access it and then open up “Control Panel” when it appears.
  • Tap or click on “Hardware or Sound” with your finger or mouse. You will see it on the left side of your Control Panel screen, usually right above “Programs.”
  • Tap or click on “Device Manager” on the next screen. Usually, you will see it on the right hand side of the page toward the top under “Devices and Printers.”
  • Touch “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers.” A list of your sound cards will appear. Usually most computers have one installed.
  • Tap or click on your installed volume driver. If you don’t see one, you don’t have one installed yet. If you do, tap or click it with your finger or mouse. If you don’t know what to look for, here’s some examples: Conexant High Definition Audio, Realtek High Definition Audio or Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro.
  • Look at the “general” tab. Does it say “this device is working” properly in the “device status” box? If so, your audio drive works just fine. 
  • Tap or click on “Update Driver” from the “Driver” tab. If available, you can download them from the Internet and install them, or you can browse for them on your computer and confirm you want them installed. 

If You Can’t Find Volume Drivers Using the Device Manager

 You may have the chance to find them using another method. Of course, Windows Updates could help. Always keep these turned on and allow any upgrades you can. 

Another way to obtain files you need to run your equipement is to install automated software. The right program allows you to detect missing volume drivers within minutes, and then you can locate and download them from authentic sources.  Click here to learn more.

Boost Software Starts PC HealthBoost Scholarship Award Program

Boost Software logo

Boost Software, founder of the PC HealthBoost computer optimization software, does whatever they can to encourage students to succeed. We have a new scholarship program that offers $1,000 grants twice per year (once per term) to currently-enrolled college students.

The Purpose of the PC HealthBoost Scholarship Award

Our objective is to assist college students in the process of assisting them with financial rewards that will help them advance in their careers. In the process, we strive to empower students who wish to further education in a technological field.

Application Guidelines for Students

Students who want to win a $1,000 scholarship can submit a 750-1,500 words describing how important computers are in daily life. Alternatively, they could submit a two-minute video production.

Students can cover one or more topics when preparing their content:

  • Why is it so important that everyone has a PC?
  • What work and real-life situations most call for a computer?
  • Name a time that you used problem-solving steps to fix your PC.
  • Share creative ways to maintain and repair a computer.

Students who wish to submit a video instead of text should remember to send PC HealthBoost the URL to the live production for our review.

Excited girl


Who can apply for the scholarship?

Anyone currently enrolled in a university or college aspiring to pursue a degree in technology can submit an application. Previous applicants and winners can also keep applying every term.

When is the scholarship application deadline?

Students who want to apply for the fall-semester award must submit the application and contest entry by July 31 of that year. Anyone who wishes to apply for the spring-semester award must turn in their contest entry and application by December 1st of that year. 

Your Audio Drivers — How to Update them Correctly

Sometimes you can plug in your speakers, microphones and other devices and your audio drivers will update automatically. However, you sometimes need to manually find them.

Be Careful Where you Get Your Audio Drivers

no audio drivers

Don’t throw away your speakers yet. Your no sound problem may be audio driver related.

One way to ensure you find the right drivers for your equipment is to go to the manufacturer site. However, this process sometimes becomes tedious if you have multiple devices to update.

Furthermore, you could accidentally install malicious programs on your PC if you download them from a bad source. However, you could struggle even if you put legitimate files on your computer. After all, incorrect audio drivers won’t usually detect your speakers, microphone, etc.

Obtaining updates from a reliable source decreases chance of downloading files that can mess up your computer and cause errors. Don’t take a chance you may later regret. Acquire what you need from a recommended site and from nowhere else.

3 Right Ways to Update Your Equipment

Aside from visiting the manufacturer website of whatever equipment you want to install on your PC, you have other options for updating your drivers. The method you choose for finding components you need to run your hardware depends upon the situation.

Read a summary of the different ways you can install necessary audio drivers:

  • Do a public search engine query. If you know you can safely find what you need via standard search engines, go for it. However, this might put you at greater risk than using other search methods. Be careful about opening yourself up to just anyone.
  • Use Windows Updates. These days, you can perform a desktop or Start screen search for “updates.” Then, you can click on the appropriate search result — usually on “check for updates.” Otherwise, click on “schedule automatic updates” to allow Microsoft to make changes to your computer.
  • Scan your computer. When doing so, make sure you trust the site you use to detect missing or outdated drivers. Otherwise, you could put your machine at risk. It also might run slow and you could infect it. Usually, software you can download onto your PC will help you more than a random web-based scanner, and you can use it to schedule automatic driver updates. 

Is a Third-Party Driver Update Software Necessary? 

Couldn’t you just use Windows Updates instead of purchasing special third-party software? Many people wonder that. It depends on how well you know your way around your PC Control Panel. It also depends on how much time you have to learn how to set up and receive updates. 

Most people these days have so much they need to do already. Therefore, they often welcome the chance to allow paid automated software to find driver updates for them. It just makes your life easier when you have a load of projects you need to finish now. Click here to learn more about how to find your audio drivers quickly and correctly.